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As a florist in Solihull, all our bouquets are made with best quality dutch flowers and foliage, superbly arranged to the highest standard. We use gorgeous cellophanes to enhance the professional quality of our bouquets.

The cellophane bouquet is ideal for someone who like to unwrap the flowers and arrange them in a vase themselves. It is beautifully presented and totally fresh.
The handtied bouquet is a more modern design that just needs the cellophane to be taken off and is tied ready to go straight into a vase. It is delivered with a cellophane ball of water in the bottom which keeps it fresh for a couple of days. Ideal for a workplace delivery or a new mum, who may not instantly have the time or energy to arrange them.
Our other option is the tied bouquet already in a small glass vase and gift bag. This needs even less attention, just a change of water every couple of days.

You can order for a specific day delivery, or we can even arrange a same day delivery if you order before 12pm.


Aqua Bouquets - Tied bouquet in water

CELLOPHANE BOUQUETS -Fresh flowers in a fancy wrap